TurbulenceFD and Vray

Discussion in 'Off_Topic' started by sousou, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Pixelwolf

    Pixelwolf MC2015

    Danke Christoffer, thats awesome. Can´t wait to see this new feature. ;)
    Edit: Nice to see, that we can use the Houdini Apprentice NC Version to use VDB. ;)
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  2. Skamierski

    Skamierski Member

    wow really nice
  3. ShotgunPost

    ShotgunPost New Member

    Those renders are very exciting. Any updates on OpenVDB support? Is that coming to 3.5 update? I would stop using any other renderer if this was implemented! Now that there's a TFD cache -> oVDB tool available
  4. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    the openVDB renders in first coming 3.5, so you canload the openvdb fileandaso set how it is rendered, alsoscale works now inour tests.

    but it is not yet the final fully tested implementation, it might need more fine tuning yet untilfully final finished. you can give us feedback then on 3.5 and test if the tfd cache renders fine
  5. RwVision

    RwVision Active Member

    Also very curious about finally coming this to vray - examples look very promising
  6. jopa79

    jopa79 MC2015

    Do you have a link to the converter ?
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  7. Xplorer

    Xplorer Active Member

    i can't wait for this ! :)
    Are there other softs than houdini - phoenix - turbulence that also work with open vdb ? i'm totaly new to this "particles field". it would be a dream to do such pictures with Vrayforc4d ...

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