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Need 3D Images?

Discussion in 'Offer Your Work' started by choppir, Oct 18, 2011.

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    Jireh 3D specializes in 3D architectural modelling, 3D renderings, 3D visualisation and 3D animations. We bring 2D plans to life in beautiful photo-realistic, 3D images. We create 3D models from CAD plans, sketches or simply ideas, supplied by the client. We are able to produce interior and exterior views of the proposed development. We can also create fly-through animations.

    If you need any 3D visuals, please contact us on: info(at)jireh3d.com

    Our website is: www.jireh3d.com



    Alexandropoulos ERF 1056 Oubaai_www.jireh3d.com.jpg
    BUITENDAG - F - 001_www.jireh3d.com.jpg COETZEE - F - 001_www.jireh3d.com.jpg JOE RADER - F - 001_www.jireh3d.com.jpg STRAND - F - 001_S.jpg BRM - F - NIGHT - 001_www.jireh3d.com.jpg French Country Kitchen_Corona_Day_www.jireh3d.com.jpg French Country Kitchen_Corona_Night_www.jireh3d.com.jpg REST - F - 002.jpg KIT - CAM - 001.jpg
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    Hi - saw your work and post on the vrayforc4d forum so thought I'd get in touch and ask about availability for a short term project to help with setting up lights and materials in some already existing scenes. Thanks, Christian
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    just sent you an email :)
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    cgrou - i'd personally recommend that chap ;)
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    Showreel :)

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    Absolutely lovely - great work! :)

    Especially love the room that is shown between 0:55 and 1:17 - and also the exteriors later
    really inspiring
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