Shador effector ?

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  1. Huv

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    i'm looking for a post (an a file) seen here of course, with (as far as i remember...) an object positioned precisely onto a surface using mograph...
    I remember it was with a black & white texture in the shadow effector...
    I'm trying by my side but no way... must be missing something...
    Thanks for your help :)
  2. yougop

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    hi huv,

    intersting question you got. i dont know the thread you are talking about, but i love mograph questions. the way i would do it, if i got a black+white texture i want to clone on, then i would take the shader effector. inverting the alpha and clicking "visibility" produces clones only on the black+white texture.

    very good method, if you want to clone trees on a landscape plan. taking in PS the green from the trees and producing a balck+white map will do it often.

    i guess ist not the "precise" way you are thinking of.

    i would love to control clones simular to rhino grasshopper, where you evaluate the surface and then you can precisely clone obejcts with the uv coordinates.

    cheers, volker

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  3. homeboy

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    I got similar problem, and i'll post it here
    Shader effector not working with vray
    When i create standard cinema4d material with bitmap in color channel - it works in viewport but nothing changes in render (just cloned objects on the all surface)
    So seems like vray dont understand cinema4d materials. When i create vray material with bitmap in duffuse channel - shader effector not working

    any suggestions?
  4. gemvfx

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    I just stumbled upon the same issue. Maybe Stefan can check if the attached setup is wrong or if there actually is a limitation in vray...?

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  5. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    the shader effector works great in vray.

    make sure to have the c4dto vray auto conversion unchecked in vray options render settings (otherwise the effectorhas no correct input)
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  6. gemvfx

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    Thanks Stefan, lightning fast answers as always :)
    This was the least option I was thinking about ...