free VRay Studio Tools VRayforC4D 1.9 compatibility update

Discussion in 'Cool Things for VRAY' started by Josef, Jul 8, 2014.

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  2. iac

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    Nice to see you again..... after a long time.

  3. Josef

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    i have been around , just not very active on this forum ;)
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    Hello Josef
    i have written some mails to you, but you did not answer me. Can you please send me the update link ?
    I have problems while using the vraystudio. see attachment.

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  5. Josef

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    Hello , are you Stefan? , i just sent you a new link for Vray 1.9 , please email me @ admin[at]
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    Hello Josef, yes, i am stefan and i have just receiveed your download link. Thank you, i will test it in few days. greets stefan
  7. haniel1107

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    saw today by accident the update link for vray studio tools 1.4 (vray 3.4+) in my spam folder...
    great, thanks a lot!! looking forward to play around with it!!
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