Does anybody work with Anima from AXYZ?

Discussion in 'Off_Topic' started by Laggner, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Laggner

    Laggner Member

    Is the workflow good? What is positiv, what negativ?
  2. Tamas

    Tamas MC2015

    I've played with Anima when the new version came out and from my tests it worked fine
    Haven't used in production for animation yet, for me the crowd generating was enough for stills (with diverse pose variation for example).
    For my workflow I missed the editing functions inside C4D - you can only import and play with timing but nothing more really but the new editing functions inside the app is far better than how it was in the previous version!
    You should expect extreme slowdown, but the integration is acceptable.
    I don't know any other/better solution for generating crowds with this complexity :)
  3. edub

    edub MC2015

    old thread, but I'm looking to getting Anima 3.0. I can't find any information about whether they support vrayforc4d materials. Has anyone here on forum been using Anima lately?