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R18 Key AND renderfarm?

Discussion in 'Official V-RAY for C4D Announcements' started by gregstovell1, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. gregstovell1

    gregstovell1 New Member

    Hey everyone. 2 rather urgent questions.
    I have a project done on Vray4C4d 3.4 and R17. Turns out RebusFarm doesn't support that combination. They only support 3.4 with R18.
    So I upgraded to R18 and submitted my new permanent serial number for the 3.4 key for R18.

    the project is an 1500 frame animation, and every frame takes about 50 mins for me to render. Hence the renderfarm.

    a) Do you know normally how long it takes to get the new 3.4 key? (being that my deadline is Friday morning)
    b) Do you know of a reputable renderfarm that handles R17 and Vray4C4D 3.4?

    Thanks. ANY info is REALLY appreciated. Not desperate... yet =)
  2. Tong

    Tong Administrator