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    I would like to tap into the power of our CentOS render farm for C4D and Vray renders. There are C4D executable that allows command line renders which can be ported to the farm. I am wondering if Vray has been compiled for Linux to do the same. If not, what is the roadmap for future Linux support? Thanks!
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    the linux version of c4d is no available to normal users according to Maxon, and a linux version is a lot more than just to compile it,
    it is under evaluation but that wont come in very near future, maybe later this year but i cant tell any date fix.

    what we test atm is support for the vray standalone linux version for vray DR rendering, this option comes very soon( if you want to test it email me)
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    Thank you for the update Stefan. We are looking into the possibilities of building a small farm using Windows instead.