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Object Aluminium Extrusion Animation

Discussion in 'User_Gallery' started by Cian, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Cian

    Cian MC2015


    Just wanted to share my latest work.
    First large project using 3.4. Very happy with the latest update.
    The new Vray clipper came in very handy at 1:16. I had planned on using a normal boole but it only caused problems.

    The scene was let by a single dome light with an HDR image.
    I had started with several area lights but the render times were too long for this scene and I had 3920 frames to render.
    Was amazed at how well a single dome light worked.

    Looking forward to the new adaptive lights in the next update.

    Hope you like.

    Extrusion 04.JPG Extrusion 05.JPG Extrusion 06.JPG Extrusion 07.JPG Extrusion 08.JPG Extrusion 09.JPG Extrusion 010.JPG Extrusion 11.JPG Extrusion Viewport 02.JPG Extrusion Viewport 03.JPG
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  2. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    nice work!
    and makes me happy you like the 3.4 update:)
  3. Cian

    Cian MC2015

    Thanks Stefan.