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  1. karpatenkatze

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    scatterTex= load a texure (with alpha) in a shader and it will randomly (ideally with user control for number/position/scale /rotation) distribute that texture across the uv. ( a bit like the stochastic flakes)
  2. karpatenkatze

    karpatenkatze Member

    vray motion blur tag should have both a rotational and spatial velocity slider input "fake" motion blur in still renders.
    When rendering stills I have to animate the objects themselves and render a frame in-between.
    Would be nice to just input a value directly in the motion blur tag...
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  3. doger29

    doger29 MC2015

    Correct the Domelight Texture Preview.
    The Preview for the Active Domelight works correct but the Background environment is off.
    In the Environment tab i have to calculate the correct rotation for Offset U with 270° + Rotation of the HDRI to match the Rotation of my HDRI. But the Preview for my Background Environment is complete off.
  4. MarcelV

    MarcelV MC2015

    I just saw the way Arnold integrates with X-Particles. Wow do I ever want that!! It can natively render the particles (non-geometry) and trails (non-swept) and best of all can read information from the X-particles material and apply them to the Arnold material on the emitter. I am planning a large personal project which will make heavy use of X-Particles, when will see some of the Vray features that will work with it?
  5. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    Thanks Stefan, understood.

    What about a tick box that triggers the power shader to load. A little bit like the fresnel tick box? Although I guess that is more of a hidden menu.

    Or possibly an UI icon with a built in power shader used as a drag and drop? A little like the way you can drag and drop one texture field into another.
    Actually I have just realised you can do this from the content browser. So I guess I will save some presets and have an duplicate content browser tucked away in the UI for now.
  6. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    you can make presets of that and also any powershader setting and drag and drop them yes,
    for the rest i am not sure, i know the devs tried many variants, but the shader menu in c4d is pretty limited in this regards they say.

    i understand your wish, and see what i deas might workout as alternative
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  7. iac

    iac MC2015

    Hi Stefan,

    See if (c4d) Background can work in VrayforC4D render. Thanks.


    Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.09.01 PM.jpg
  8. luke.letellier

    luke.letellier MC2015

    For the xparticles integration, it'd be great if there were a Vray shader that could access particle velocity & scale, and present it as a black/white matte.

    The user could input numbers (maybe even use a spline) so that if the particle velocity was a value X the shader would be white, if the value was Y the shader would be black - or something along those lines.

    The same would be true for the particle scale shader: If the particle scale was X the value the shader would be white, if the particle scale was Y the shader would be black.

    We could then use these shaders to alter the materials of our particles based on particle speed or scale.
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  9. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    Is it possible to implement material id's per texture channel in BRDF? I render a lot of product visuals which have metal foil branding, on white plastic substrate and find it cumbersome to mask each one for post work.

    If not is it possible to have the material id, mask a decal when set to mix textures on the texture tag, as of now it makes a pass of the whole object and does not honour the material weight.
    If there is a way around this already I would really appreciate any insight.
    Of course I can achieve this with 2 separate renders but would rather not have to do that.

    With the new Full Light select coming in 3.5 having a matte for a decal where I can switch on off extra lights that effect this very reflective channel area would be a massive time saver.
  10. RwVision

    RwVision Active Member

    Could we make an option to the dome light, so that it would not affect the alpha of the image? Can be useful, when using a dome for just a bg. For now, the comp tag does not affect the light objects.

    Maybe an alpha option in the already present light select multipass option?

    - The dome light previews could also affect the vray shader uvw changes like tiles, scale etc.
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  11. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    this (IR and gpu) are up to Chaosgroup, they have no amd support for gpu at all at the moment on OSX on any vray version (as apple misses essential parts in their openCL implementation CG says).

    converting bitmaps works as intended, but you always have to manually check, if it is in layer or filter shaders it cant convert these.
    intended use is that you use vraybitmaps from start, then no converter is needed, this is only to open old scenes.
  12. haniel1107

    haniel1107 MC2015

    I've read anywhere, that the new version will support x-particles. Does it mean, we will be able to create smoke with x-particles in future.. (without open vdb). Sorry if the question doesn't make sense, as I am trying to figure out how to create smoke with vray.
    I mean like wheel smoke, of driving cars.... etc... Thanks!
  13. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    yes on more x-particles support is worked, the coming 3.5 has a first step into this, reading out some particle attributes, which you can connect to shaders/colors (size, age, velocity, luminance etc). a 3.55 or 3.6 later this year i hope then supports all aspects. you all are very welcome to give you wishes and feedback what all is needed or wanted for x-particles.

    for smoke also openVDB might be interesting, 3.5 has a very first support for this, also this is to be extended over next months.
    for wheel smoke i guess particles are best.
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  14. haniel1107

    haniel1107 MC2015

    wow, very cool.... thanks!
  15. superduper

    superduper Member

    Bake materials and objects with the Vray Engine like in C4d would be very nice too.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 30, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 30, 2017 ---
    Would be nice if the object ID in the Multipass Manager add automatic a Object ID for each Compositing Tag you add. And it would be nice to dublicate objects in the Multipass Manager like in the C4D Objectmanager with drag and drop + cmd key.
  16. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    ok noted, you can add many ids at one click by the way in the mp manager,(like if you have used id0 to id10, you can use the multiple object ids command p.e in mp manager)
  17. superduper

    superduper Member

    1. Thank you. Multiple object ID command is very helpful.

    2. Could you extend the compositing tag to add multiple object IDs like in Cinema 4d? This is very helpful to render one alpha to all objects and one alpha for subobjects.
  18. RwVision

    RwVision Active Member

    Could be useful - sometimes multiple id passes can interrupt each other
  19. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    "Could you extend the compositing tag to add multiple object IDs like in Cinema 4d?"

    sadly not, as the V-Ray engine can have only one ID per object (we can only add features that are supported by V-Ray in the sdk)
  20. jopa79

    jopa79 MC2015

    As mention in another option to toggle between tagent space or object spaced based normalmaps for multipass.
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