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  1. expo1000

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    Oh. Missed that completely. I only looked into "Options". Thanks.
  2. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    Well, you would expect the check box for trace reflections to be on the reflection tab.

    Just to note, it also works with the blend material, if you need to add any extra reflection layers from the advanced material.
  3. luke.letellier

    luke.letellier MC2015

    Motion blur support for xParticles will be very important feature to add for the next release.
  4. PdZ

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    Iam not sure if anyone ever asked for this but I wished for this for a long time.
    Is there a chance that any Value/Method in VrayMaterials get Python arguments?
    For example, its not possible to change values via python scripting of "Vray Power Shaders / AColor".
    These python arguments are grayed out.

    It seems only the "main Vray Shaders" have arguments. But the most important Shaders: The Power Shaders dont have. For instance:
    AColor -> Texture has the following argument: [c4d.ID_SW_TEXTURE_67565718]
    But its grayed out. Therefore you cant access this attribute via python. Which is VERY unfortunate. In my opinion this is very important.
    I saw a significant jump in python-accessibility from VRay 3.35 to 3.401.
    for instance: you changed the argument from vray transparency into the right one vray refraction in python arguments.

    So is there any hope?
    I want to write a script to convert standard c4d shaders into DR compatible VrayMaterialshader. But unfortunately iam not able to right now.

    Thx in Advance
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  5. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    for python in power shaders i already put this to the devs,
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  6. JayH

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    It'd be cool if disabling the Vray Clipper automatically set the Clip Mesh object to not render (and vice-versa: hiding the Clip Mesh disabled the Clipper).
  7. hitman60

    hitman60 Member

    c4d mats to vray standard mats conversion
  8. Vizn

    Vizn Member

    More robust texture manager for Vray mats to finally make it easy to relink or kill links. The 'Remove' function doesn't work.
    Also, the 'convert bitmaps' needs to translate old 'Filter' shader into AdvBitmap settings.
    If there are old VRay mats with Filter shaders, the bitmap conversion keeps the Filter at the top level, which breaks the mat for DR.
  9. matthias

    matthias New Member

    +++ texture baking support

    Its such a rare feature. No other competing 3rd party renderer offers this.
    Vray Lightbaking for use in Realtime Engines would be so awesome ....

    In the moment i am stuck on advanced render just because of the baking possibilities it provides :(
  10. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    please dont wish features that are wished in this post already. this only cluster it. as said baking is on the developers to do list.
    we will clean up this thread next days with all double posts or not feature wish posts...
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  11. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    ok we cleaned up the thread so it is again a collection of user wishes, no more no less.
    please when you post post here only pure wishes, no questions or other reports (do that in the help thread section in case)

  12. LuxoIII

    LuxoIII MC2015

    Wäre toll wenn man dem 2SidedMaterial auch direkt eine Material ID geben könnte, für die Masken.