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  1. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    we no proted the max gui at all, this is very different, we use the native c4d ui and its tools it has. but of course use the vray guidelines and names in the vray sdk for it.
    i can talk with the developers for the gui suggestions if you not like the use of the maxon arrows. i liked them as they are very "real estate" efficient.
  2. doger29

    doger29 MC2015

    Sorry I'am not talking about the arrows. Actually that isnt bothering me at all since normaly I don't open the textures in a seperate window. And only there this problem occures since there are the tabs missing.
    I'am talking about the GUI Layout of the standard material compared to the advanced material.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    But ofc its not a big deal. Would just be nice to have a similiar workflow in all Materials.

    Another Question: Is the Light emitting Material already in or will it come in future releases? Emitting Material | VRayLightMtl

    Is it faster than a normal Material with Luminosity and direkt lighting?
  3. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    about the parameter in the name i can ask the devs if it can be hidden,

    the vray standard mtl is like that, this is not our decission. it is like max and all other vrays with intention. channels cannot be turned on and off like in our layered brdf, they are always on in the sdk code, as it is a new unified mtl without seperate channels, specially optimized for rendering and also gpu code. we cannot change this behavior.
    to turn on reflection you raise the color to any but black.

    the tabs on the left side c4d makes to get the tabs on top, not sure if that can be forced away in c4d gui code, i ask, but the tabs i do want for workign fast in that material
  4. expo1000

    expo1000 Member

    Hi Stefan,
    some kind of indicator if a channel of the standard material is used would be nice. Like the word "Bump" written in bold letters, if there is a texture used inside. Normally you have the small checkbox checked (in the advanced material) but there is no checkbox in the material editor showing the channels.
    Thank you
  5. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    Hi as said above ALL channels are always used there, regardless which color or shader you have in there. so that cant be indicated. it is one solid material without any subchannels. it works internally like the max vray material without "channels." we only made tabs as this is nicer to work with. (to structure gui).
    all V-Rays in future will get this material.
  6. zoomer

    zoomer MC2015

    I struggled over that too.

    In general I really like the Standard VRAY Material as it works the way I work.
    I seldom use duplicate channels.
    In C4D it looks like only channels are used that are activated by checkboxes.
    If this is really the case I do not know. But I use these to make only those
    channels appear as tabs at the top that I use.
    Full amount of Checkbox list appears all the time - bad to read,
    Tabs will show only used channels - easy to read.
    This way it is far easier to find those channel tabs.

    VRAY may use all channels any time but these are mostly just deactivated by using a
    black color or similar by default. So it doesn't matter for a user how VRAY deals with it.

    Currently it is very hard to find your tabs, you have to read through all.
    So it would be nice if VRAY Standard also only shows those tabs on top which are
    activated by checkboxes.

    The other beautiful thing with C4D Standard is that you can temporarily deactivate
    channels without losing their values by these checkboxes.
  7. expo1000

    expo1000 Member

    Ok, but you have to admit, that it is not the peak of userfriendlyness if you have to click through every channel to find the slot you may have put a texture inside. Especially if you open an old project months later. And I thought this is the wish-thread.

    Apart from that: How do you make a material which has a simple specular without reflection in the new standard-material?

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  8. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    You unlock the HGlossiness in reflection tab. Then you uncheck trace reflections in MtlOptions tab.;)
  9. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    well the material is as it is made by Chaosgroup that way, as said we cannot change this, it is the way they made it.
    also i am also c4d and vray user myslef and i truy believe this material uis great to use, give it soem time to get used to it, it took myself also 1-2 weeks until i liked it.
    and its new way of setup mats fast and easy.
  10. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    yes exactly, that spoken this is not ideal if you unlock it for "reality", every material in real workd has reflections too, vray is tuned to use all with reflections. but or course you can do it and vray allows you to fake materials that way.
  11. expo1000

    expo1000 Member

    Oh. Missed that completely. I only looked into "Options". Thanks.
  12. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    Well, you would expect the check box for trace reflections to be on the reflection tab.

    Just to note, it also works with the blend material, if you need to add any extra reflection layers from the advanced material.
  13. luke.letellier

    luke.letellier MC2015

    Motion blur support for xParticles will be very important feature to add for the next release.