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    1. I wish the next version did not show settings, that doesn`t exist. Like the GPU Rendering on Macs.
    2. It would be great when vray show warning messages before it crashes, when you use settings for IPR for example that force a crash.
    Because you cant know always every possible and not possible settings for each Situation(DR, IPR, DR Animation, IPR Animation etc.). Sometimes i switche between rendermodes to preview or something.
    3. Helpsystem links like in Cinema 4d direktly where the setting or the feature is.

    I have really often crashes, with Cinema 4D R18 and Vray 3.4 and 3.5 on OSX El Capitan. Cinema 4D is very stable but Vray for Production is sometimes really annoying.
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    if you have any unstability in production render (i mean not in IPR) send the scene to us please!
    i use 3.5 daily and not did get a single crash in weeks with production render.