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R19, Archviz and MSA upgrade?

Discussion in 'Off_Topic' started by knickers, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. knickers

    knickers Member

    Hi there,

    I don't want to come over as being negative, but as someone who does primarily ArchViz work and only ever uses vray as a renderer, I'm wondering if I'm missing something in R19 - it seems a little underwhelming to me, and I'm considering letting my MSA lapse...

    I understand that if you use the C4d renderer it would be worth the upgrade, but for the work I do, and using vray there doesn't seem to be much on the table - is anyone else in the same mindest, or am I really missing something?

    I'd really appreciate any comments from others in the Archviz camp.

  2. doger29

    doger29 MC2015

    Yeah actually that was on my mind as well. I was quite dissapointed that they didn't rework the whole UV Workflow. Regarding upcoming work with Game Engines like UE4 it's quite outdated in all areas.
    We are only working with the Prime Version and here are literally ALL improvements:

    High-Quality OpenGL Viewport --- Doesn't work with VRay
    New Feature Highlighting --- Seriously
    New Modeling Kernel --- reworked align normals...
    New Polygon Reduction Generator --- very specialized tool
    OpenGL-accelerated 3D Painting with layers, all blend modes and Photoshop le compatibility --- I never Paint in C4D. And if i would Substance Painter/Designer is far superrior
    Weighting Improvements
    Improved Media handling --- I will NEVER use that

    But on the other hand, I think Maxon is working alot under the hood to improve the SDK. I guess most of the "cool" features they are saving for their anniversary update R20.
    But next year is pretty much it. Either they are getting some improvements or the MSA is canceled.
  3. ichi.one

    ichi.one MC2015

    glad there is finally some opposition against this system
    MSA is no good, you should be free to buy/upgrade when or whatever you want, you decide you need the upgrade or not,
    all these service-contracts are only to make sure the company has a predictable cashflow....
  4. sirio

    sirio Well-Known Member

    Then just close your MSA contract and upgrade only when you need, nobody force you to renew the contract;)
    Personally I find MSA so cheap(I'm on Prime version) that even if I skip a couple(payed) version it's still less than 0,50€ a day(I spend more on coffe).
    A Studio MSA costs more of course but it's not needed for archiviz, Prime, Vray and a scatter plugin will be more than enough.
  5. ichi.one

    ichi.one MC2015

    done that already years ago with a R15 that i never was able to use because of our long running projects
    but maxon & vectorworks or is it designexpress really keep pushing you into a MSA as much as they can, otherwise you don't get support....uhh what support ?**!
  6. knickers

    knickers Member

    I'm glad it's not just me!

    I've been using C4d since version 10.0 and every year at this time, we all hold our breath and hope that this will be the year that the UV tools get the overhaul they need... I'd be more than happy to pay for an upgrade if it offered these tools, but staying in the MSA hoping that they might come next year, seems a bit futile given the last 9 versions... The Sound Effector and fracture tools look like fun, but I can't see them being much use to me - likewise if I were still using the C4d renderer, I might be tempted, but they still have a long way to go before they can go head to head with vray.

    I'll hold onto my cash and pay for the next vray update I think.
  7. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    "otherwise you don't get support....uhh what support ?**!""

    >> thats bad, and i woudl report this to Maxon, free suppoert is inlcuded also without MSA!

    i personally like the MSa as i upgrade anyway ever<y year and it saves me 50.- euro. Maxon not forces any to have an MSA (design exoress is a resller only, not maxon itself), so is no problem here at least with it.

    of course new better UV tools woud be great amd soem other things, but to me most is handled from renderers and also some 3rd party plugins like surface spread etc. at least for archviz i think it is a quite ok package.
  8. Arjo

    Arjo Member

    I do understand that users are disappointed when the new version arrives and there's no tool that seems to be interesting to him or her.
    But developing complex software is not only about creating new tools. It's also updating and fixing bugs. Have we already forgotten the OGL troubles? C4d has become a lot more stable again. And don't forget that Maxon is rewriting the entire program to make it ready for the future. This kind of stuff is "under the hood". Always neglected a bit. But very important IMHO. I hope that we as users can understand that the developers have too eat too.
    Personally I've no trouble with MSA at all. I don't think in terms of cashflow, but more in terms of what kind of budget do you have to hire programmers.
    Don't we as visualizers work with beforehand agreed budgets too?

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