2d Compositing Artist – Digital Painter // Asymetrie // Belgium

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    Hi all,

    We are currently wanting to expand our team with a 2d compositing artist which would shortly join us and work on architectural visualization projects, mainly for postproduction of 3d renderings.

    Here you can find some kind of projects you might work on. http://www.asymetrie.be

    You should:

    - have a perfect knowledge of composition rules, image reading, and colors.
    - be able to create variable ambiences, from realistic rendering to more suggestive and artistic style.
    - have a real artistic talent, capable of bringing relevant details and ideas, always aiming to highlight the project strengths.
    - be self-motivated and wanting for teamwork.

    A strong interest for photography, architecture and art is obviously a plus.

    You must speak French or English, our office is located near Beaumont in Hainaut.

    Send us your resume and portfolio at jobs@asymetrie.be.