Vray Denoiser GUI preview

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  1. RwVision

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    Hi Guys,

    Finally, I could work on that and can show you latest test of denoiser GUI. Basic options are working, as well as the animation denoising. Automatic frame range and manual input.

    The video is little long but anyone can see how the process of denoising looks. You can compare the non-denoised image and speed between using i7 5820k 4,1Ghz vs GTX 1060.

    Please download for better quality:

    Better explanation and vray denoising workflow will be explained when I finish with all basic functionality.

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  2. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    very nice:)
  3. haniel1107

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    cool, thanks!

    hmm, trying to start the "vdenoise.exe" from tools folder... Only a window opens and closes directly... tried without antivirus and admin, - same reaction... Is it the right tool I am trying out? vdenoise.exe
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  4. jopa79

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    Yes, it’s the right tool but it’s a command line tool without a user interface.
  5. haniel1107

    haniel1107 MC2015

    yes, could see the help text, through cmd with "-help"... looks a little complicated;)