Automotive Testing vray in R19

Discussion in 'User_Gallery' started by TobyO, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. TobyO

    TobyO New Member

    Here are a few shots of a test project i did in R19 and vray.
    I did 2 light setups.

    Feel free to comment. I m always open for improvements.

    Lamborghini LP 770_A.jpg Lamborghini-LP-770_Sideview.jpg Lamborghini-LP-770-Pit-Lane_2.jpg
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  2. Rupart

    Rupart MC2015

    And exactly what would you like to improve? :eek:) Spotless!
  3. artdude12

    artdude12 MC2015

    These look great! Only crit would be to show other camera/angle views.
    How are your render times?
    Can you share your render settings?
  4. TobyO

    TobyO New Member

    Thanks man.

    I m not very good in tweaking render settings, so the settings are almost default.
    GI: BF/LC, default
    Anitialising: Progressive, default

    The only thing i did, was to set up a denoiser pass (mid)

    After 25-30 min i got an almost perfect denoised result. (4k resolution)
  5. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    default are the best settings actually ( no need to tweak settings anymore in 3.4 or 3.5)
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  6. Rectro

    Rectro Active Member

    Wow this is some serious work. How long did that take to model did you model it in C4D?

  7. pikadon

    pikadon New Member

    Amazing work. One question tho, why is the one garage door glasss reflection different from the rest? Again, no crits, just the detail side of me.
  8. TobyO

    TobyO New Member

    Unfortunately i didn't model the car myself. I convertet it from a CAD file i got. I only did the textures and lighning.

    It's a part of a roof of the pit lane on the other side. I didn't notice yet, but now it looks like a error for me too :)
  9. Garban

    Garban MC2015

    Impressive!! Congrats!!
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  10. Nathan Nutley

    Nathan Nutley New Member

    These renders are amazing! Any issues with running Vray 3.4 and R19?
  11. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    you need vrays 3.5 to run on v19 ( 3.4is not v19 compatible)
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  12. Nathan Nutley

    Nathan Nutley New Member

    I see. Thanks so much Stefan! Cant wait! These renders are amazing!