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Character Jimi Hendrix Guitar Legend

Discussion in 'W.I.P' started by Schawk, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Schawk

    Schawk MC2015

    Another character WIP. This time my all time favourite guitar hero.
    I still have a lot of issues to iron out but I feel like I have caught some of the essence of the great man.
    Can't quite get my Zbrush displacement map to export properly. Eyebrows, facial hair need work etc.

    C&C's welcome as always.
    Jimi_Test_2.jpg Hey fellow cgi artists,

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    I managed to get the displacement export from ZBrush ironed out and now it looks a lot more believable and more like Hendrix? still needs work in places but it's getting there. Jimi_Test_4_Large.jpg
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