Renderfarm-Setup Help needed in Nuremberg, Germany (Nürnberg) in my Studio (good paid incl. hotel)

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    Hi all,

    I offer a good paid Freelance Job in Nuremberg (including hotel and food for the time you need to work here): I Need a System Admin who helps me setting up a Mixed Mac / PC Renderfarm with VrayforC4D / R18 via TeamRender / DR or Commandline C4D (with a Renderfarm Manager Software like Deadline or Qube or similar)

    We work on 3 iMacs 5k and a MacPro 2012.

    As render nodes, I would like to buy 4-5 more PCs with 96 GB+ RAM or rendernodes like render cube (or build it in house).

    I need a System where my artists and I can send a File to Renderfarm and don‘t have to worry about tex path conversion, team render gamma issues, DR tex problems and missing light or IR caches in Team Render ... running out of RAM and so on.

    We render 80% heavy still frame scenes (~ 100GB RAM @ 8k) and 20% Animation in Full HD - may be 4K later.

    All needs to be setup in a way where I don‘t have to worry about a Crash or sth like that.

    I want a backup hard drive (or USB) that I just have to copy/clone on a new hard drvie if one crahses.

    Even the updates / Plugins on Macs should be served via macOS Server.

    The Library (Models / textures etc.) are synced to every workstation External SSD and all PCs every hour (or a network drive that serves the file for the slaves)

    A running synology NAS is already doing TimeMachine Backups from all Macs.

    The Renderfarm Manager (like Deadline offers) should batch process animation files to not reload the whole scene,

    idle Macs should automatically join the Farm at night and so on.

    In advance, we should discuss the required hardware and so on.

    I want to have everything here if you come to set all up ;)

    Questions? Offering!? Please write PN!