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    I'm currently the CD at a pharma ad-agency. I'll be leaving this role before the largest project wraps up in late January.
    I'm moving to Google to work in VR/AR dev, but don't want to burn this company by leaving them without a C4D/VRay artist to help wrap things up.

    Most of the work is tedious motion graphics, pharma crap. But some of the more scientific shots have semi-complex workflows.
    The overall style is simplistic, clean and consistent throughout *see some early shots attached below.

    To assist in wrapping up this gig, the artist should show experience in live sciences and a high level of knowledge for lighting, animation and optimization.

    If you could please leave some links to your work in this thread, with a contact email. I would reach out to you personally if you're a fit.
    It would be then down to the team here to deal with any financial arrangements. Although I would certainly walk you through the project
    and get you accustom to the small farm that's operational here.

    Pay would be San Francisco agency rates. Which are very competitive.


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