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V-RAYforC4D v3.600 [last updated on 18th Feb. 2018]

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  1. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    3.601 (updated 12.01.2018)

    this update is free to all users who bought the normal priced V-Ray 3.4 or Earlybird update for 325.- euro,
    and to all who bought a new license of V-RAYforC4D 3.3 or 3.4 later than 30st July 2016)

    some users who have V-Ray longer ago already, or had the case to get a free or strongly reduced 99.- euro 3.4 update have 3.6 not free included, they can get it via getting the 2017 update package here: http://3dtools.info/shop/vrayforc4d-2017-updates/
    3.6.00 supports all full Cinema4d versions from Prime to Studiobundle, version 16.055-19.024+


    Adaptive lights feature (up to 7x faster rendering- new unbiased Chaosgroup technology for very fast light calculations even with huge amounts of lights)
    3.5/3.6 core (extra speed)
    New 3.5 V-Ray standard material (heavy optimized new V-Ray Material with new SSS options, Features and layout like the native V-Ray Max Mtl)
    New .VrMat(.Vizmat) material loader
    New AL_Hair material
    New MDL Material (Nvidia Material Format)
    New TexHairinfo sampler shader
    New TexParticle sampler shader (can sample color, emission, lifespan, velocity, age, opacity of particles like x-particle)
    New TexLut shader
    New Multishader modes
    New interactive lens effects in VFB
    New denoiser option for progressive render
    Denoiser + lens FX can be used together now
    Glossy fresnel option (in new V-Ray standard mtl)
    Full Light select layers (for bflc, bfbf)
    Resume render for progressive and bucket mode(bucket in vfb)
    Hybrid cuda rendering (cpu+gpu)
    Mirror vfb channels to PV (picture viewer)
    New Blend Material
    faster bitmap chaching for shader previews (editing big hdri bitmaps etc)
    added multiplier in luminance of new standard mtl for higher light intensity values via textures or color inputs
    GI defaut on
    changed triplanar mapping default scale

    WIP 3-6 features:

    V-RayVolumeGrid Rendering: openVDB cache file support
    first direct x-particle support (via particle tex, some attributes of x-particles can be read out, more x-particle support also for specific xp4 features might come in 3.6.x builds and v4.0 2018)

    Fixes and modifications:

    fixes in OGL
    Fixes in color correction cache wrong
    fixes slow opening cases with OGL
    fixes crash in ipr with dome light in osx
    fix in DR c4d shader auto-baking support
    adapted default settings
    fixes up camera moves not updated in soem cases in IPR
    Fixes in light preset icons OSX
    fixes in V-Ray Standalone creating black buckets on some hardware
    Fixes to V-Ray stereo cam
    fixes to mp channel/multiple multi matte IDs not rendering in vfb
    fixes to vfb saving behaviour
    fixes IPR uses wrong visibility in cases
    fixes to shade map mode and stereo cams (vr cams) and DR
    fixed in new standard material
    fixes to vray clipper wrong in some situations with vrmeshes or render instances
    fixed bug with identical materials on different mapped selections
    fixed vraya comp tag settings ignored on hierarchical render instances
    removed multiple word parameter from standard mtl
    Improved AL-surface Material
    improved Stochastic Material with UV channel selection
    cuda fixes
    very strong displaced surfaces with small details, GGX can produce unnatrual dark reflections in soem cases with dynamic geometry. this is from Chaosgroups V-Ray sdk, you can use Blinn or ward BRDF with the option "fix dark edges" option on in that case, or the new Standard Mtl with Blinn or Ward.
    deep output option added in translator tab for vfb saving
    OSX coordinate manager gui locking case fixes
    updated light tag gui
    added options to normal tag (invert/swap seperate channels etc)
    fix to reflection sets feature
    please note that OSX has no OSL support by the V-Ray sdk yet. Once Chaosgroup adds this to the sdk we add it too of course.
    please note that the vfb on osx must be always closed via th stop button in vfb.
    please note that from V-Ray osx sdk, the vfb always stays as front window (this affects only the widget version needed to be used in osx c4d, we reported it to Chaosgroup)
    added UTF8 support in 3.5 V-Ray sdk (allows "umlauts" in files and paths for V-ray shaders etc, we stil recommend not using special characters in files or names)

    known issues:
    - comp tags which are not on the source objects from scattered objects (render instances, cloners) are not working right, so put the comp tag on the source object itself.
    - for new loaded bitmaps the gamma might look to dark, this affects only the small 2d shader preview

    both cases mentioned above are looked at atm by the responsible developers and will get fixed next days

    for any help or questions use please the help & support section of the forum, or the support email with ticket system(support at vrayforc4d dot com)

    how to download:
    users who use the normal key file system and have free update included did get a 3.5+ link already, they find 3.6.0 and all following 3.6.x updates in that links..
    users who are from regions where they use the serial number based license system find the 3.6.00 version in their usual download place.

    all users do get an email via mail-chimp with the info on 3.6.00 being available (it takes some days to send it to all)

    best greetings,
    The V-RAYforC4D team

    p.s: please note that this announcement is only for this V-RAYforC4D forum and not allowed to be copied to other places!
    VRAYforC4D CEO
    architect & 3d architecture viz

    VRAYforC4D on Facebook:facebook.com/vrayforc4d
    See my Vray blog: vray blog
    Official site: vrayforc4d.com
    Official shop: 3dtools.eu
  2. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    edit 12.01.2018:
    for those how had a c++ lib loading issue, please redownload 3.6 to get an updated version that should solve this.
    also a gamma preview issue on 3d bitmap nodes had been fixed
  3. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    edit: 26th jan 2018:
    uploaded a new 3.6 build as minor update, which solves some of the reported issues with c4d color management in regard of gamma and the gamma slider for mat bitmap shader previews.
    also fixed an OGL error for the new standard mtl.

    on some report on how to remove "ghosted" bitmaps that 2 users have in materials due unknown reason, and one report on vertex maps the developers work yet on for the next minor update.

    redownload your 3.6 version in the existing 3.6 link in your download or the 3x links(3.5/3.6) email links to get this version, the standalone is the same as before not needed to be reinstalled
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  4. stefan

    stefan main admin here:-)

    edit:. 18th Feb. 2018:

    uploaded a new 3.6 build as minor update, which solves some of the reported issues :
    with 2d preview gamma of some bitmaps and 2d shaders some experienced,
    with "ghosted" bitmaps in displace material that could happen in a rare case
    with some material preview update responsiveness issues/unnatural high cpu usage, which could happen on some PCs with some bitmaps.
    OGL editor preview not showing the tex with the new V-Ray standard Mtl.

    the yet open c4d vertex map shader report and a possible scale issue with phoenix ocean shader is hopefully handled in next small service update

    re-download your 3.6 version in the existing 3.6 link in your download or the 3x links(3.5/3.6) email links to get this version,
    the standalone is the same as before NOT needed to be reinstalled.
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